Europe's Most Creative Companies

CNBC July 2010

Triodos Bank en Philips behoren tot de meest creatieve werkgevers van Europa.  Dat blijkt uit de Europe’s 25 Most Creative Companies van CNBC Magazine. In totaal staan vijf Nederlandse bedrijven in de lijst, waaronder de Argumented Reality startup Layar en containerbedrijf Cargoshell.

Top 10 Most Creative Companies

  1. Nanoco Technologies (GB)
  2. Briefcam (Israel)
  3. Voltea (NL)
  4. Statoil (Noorwegen)
  5. Spotify (Zweden)
  6. Virtuoz (Frankrijk)
  7. Layer (NL)
  8. Nano Retina (Israel)
  9. Impire (Duitsland)
  10. Chatroulette (Rusland)

Philips: creatieve LED lampen

“How many companies does it take to change a light bulb? Well, just one – and what an important change it could be. At May’s Lightfair International Tradeshow in Las Vegas, the Amsterdam-headquartered electrical giant launched what could be the greatest innovation in illumination since the discovery of fire.”

Kijk hier voor carrièremogelijkheden bij Philips.

Triodos Bank: winst met Fair Trade

“Not all bankers emerged as the tainted villains of the global financial meltdown. Some, like Triodos, the pioneering “ethical” Dutch bank, actually prospered. During 2009, in the depths of economic despair, Triodos saw its banking business swell by 30% to €4.9bn as individuals and businesses alike sought sanctuary in a bank that only lends to operations judged to benefit society and the environment.”


Cargoshell: opklapbare containers

“Cargoshell is a collapsible container made from fibre-reinforced plastics, which weighs 25% less than a steel container, and can fold down to a quarter of its size in 30 seconds. This not only has benefits for sea transport but also for onward transit by HGV; the company claims that if all steel containers were replaced by Cargoshells it would result in a 75% saving on transport kilometres, and the resulting CO2 emissions and costs.”


Layar: content discovery engine

“Already at the global forefront of AR, Layar is looking to crack open the market through the recent launch of its “augmented reality content discovery engine”. Dubbed Layar Stream, this service lets mobile users find out which AR apps are the most popular in any given location. Calling this the “necessary building block to make augmented reality part of everyday life”, Layar CEO Raimo van der Klein compares this new search index to a TV guide for location-based information.”

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